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Jewelry Design by RhinoGold

Jewelry design by Rhinogold

ผู้สอน : นายสนธยา ปั้นสุภา
Instructors: Sontaya pansupa



      Jewelry Design by Rhinogold (Basic-Intermediate) Course focus to learn all RhinoGold command from beginning till creating Jewelry 3d model.

     Rhino3d is 3d software modeling to create 3d model from small as product to large as a vehicle, architecture. Rhino3d have many commands to create and modify free form 3d model . Generate an accurate 3d model to work with Computer in Manufacturing (CAM) .

   RhinoGold is plugin of Rhino3d  create a command that easy to make Jewelry 3d model as Gems, Setting, Jewelry style, Jewelry Ornament include modifying some command of Rhino3d that easier to create Jewelry 3d model. 

  Also learn Jewelry rendering for present to customer and send model to print 3d by CNC and RP

Course  Content

  • Day1 (Introduction)
    -RhinoGold interface and Config
    -Manipulate , Display mode, Browser
    -Oragnize Command, Layer, Save , Library ,Selection
    -Modeling aids : Snap ,Ortho ,Plannar ,Osnap
    -Basic Transform 
    -Basic Curve 
    -General edit Command
  • Day2 (Creating and Basic Surface tool)
    -Curve tools
    -Modify Curve
    -Basic modeling tools
  • Day3(Creating with  Surface tool )
    -Surface tools
    -Modify surface tools
  • Day4 (3D Creating withCurve from object  และ Solid Tool )
    -Solid tools
    -Modify Solid tools
    -Curce from object
  • Day5  (3D Creating with Transform )
    -All Transform command
  • Day6 (RhinoGold Command)
    -Gems tools
    -Jewelry  tools
  • Day7 
    -Jewelry Production detail
  • Day8


Course fee : 22,000 Baht ( include, Books , Recoard Live class  and Course online 1 year )

Course Level : Basic -Intermediate

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